The Team


Jeremy McAnally

Jeremy has been developing applications with Ruby and Rails for over 6 years, but before that he tortured himself with PHP, C#, Python, VB, and other instruments of destruction. Since converting to Ruby, he has penned Mr. Neighborly’s Humble Little Ruby Book, Ruby in Practice, and the Rails 3 Upgrade Handbook and hacked open-source code like gem_git, context, and tons of patches to other projects like Rails. He's presented at both major Ruby and Rails conferences and a bevy of regional conferences and user groups. He currently blogs at



Ryan Waldron

Ryan started programming as a kid around 1979, banging away on BASIC, assembler, FORTRAN, even RPG II through high school and college. An experienced consultant for more than 20 years, he's spent the last while as a serial entrepreneur, doing whatever needed to be done: programming, sales, project management, marketing, bookkeeping, sysadmin, HR, legal, web site design, grocery shopping, anything. Ryan picked up Ruby and Rails in late summer of 2005 when he set out to build a web-based system on which to run a service business (HVAC/electrical/plumbing); since then he's kept on the leading edge of Ruby and related technologies by collaborating and hacking with developers from all over.



Joe Kutner

Joe has been developing applications in Ruby and Java for 10 years. He has a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern Mississippi and will complete his PhD some time in the next century. Joe contributes to many open source projects and is the co-creator of Ruleby, a forward-chaining rule engine written in pure Ruby.



Matt Smith

Matt's bio information is coming soon. No, seriously. I promise.