Our Services


Web Development

We are some of the most experienced Ruby on Rails consultants on the market today. We've been using Rails since it was pre-1.0, and we have kept on the edge ever since. Working on some of the most complex and visible projects written in Rails, our consultants have a history and the vast experience to execute your ideas with excellence.

Along with Rails, our consultants have wide and varied backgrounds, from Java to hardware design to history buffs (You want an essay on the social and economic undercurrents of the American Revolution? Consider it done.). We have experience working with an array of web technologies at all points in the stack, from operations to application development. We'll help you pick the best technologies for your project and raise a team up around that ecosystem.

Mobile Design and Development

As smartphones proliferate across the globe, having a mobile presence is quickly becoming a requirement for many businesses; let us build your iOS application so you don't miss out on the next wave of technological innovation.

Do you simply want a mobile presence for your existing (or not-yet-existent) web application? We can do that. Often times building a clean mobile UI using existing code and API's is a more affordable and easier to maintain option for teams that may not have experience with native development. We have experience building mobile UI's for many of our clients' products using a combination of HTML 5 and other technologies.


Do you want to push your team to the next level? Take a class from one of our sharp developers and take your skills to the next level. We offer instruction in Ruby, Rails, web development, HTML and more. Get in touch to find out if we can offer private instruction on a topic you're interested in.


Some Of Our Clients


America's Test Kitchen

America's Test Kitchen is a fixture in the world of culinary instruction, bringing the meticulous approach and rigor of science to the kitchen. We helped bring America's Test Kitchen's Cooking School, a commercial online cooking course offering, to life by working with their team to build out prototypes and initial minimum viable product implementations using Ruby on Rails.

Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University

We are helping the Berkman Center improve the life of scholars everywhere by building open source solutions to problems encountered daily by academics.

Arcturo implemented a shared document editing and annotation interface, Connected Scholar, which allows students to collaborate on works while receiving input and aid from library assistants, professors, and subject matter experts. We also implemented a tool for depositing scholarly works across a number of libraries, making dispersal of scholarly papers and briefs a one click action.


LexisNexis is a household name, especially among those who work with legal data. Arcturo worked alongside their team to rewrite one of their flagship products from an antiquated, "enterprise" technology stack using new, agile technologies.


Arcturo partners with LifeChurch.tv, purveyors of free church resources and creators of the ever popular YouVersion, to bring cutting edge solutions to ministry problems for the 21st century. Working with their team, we have implemented a new system for church resource sharing and dispersal and developed two new projects (still forthcoming).